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Attending the 2016 OARSI Meeting in Amsterdam!

2016 OARSI Banner

We’re honored and excited to present our research at the 2016 OARSI meeting on osteoarthritis in Amsterdam later this week! Our contributions to this meeting include a talk on joint responses to biomechanical impacts, and how biological adaptation to such

Views on Cartilage Injury and Potential Remedies

Our newest article is in the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma’s “OTA Basic Science Focus Issue“. Dr Joseph Borrelli organized an excellent discussion by researchers and traumatologists on articular cartilage injuries and potential remedies. We contributed a section on early injury

Forming More Bone with Less BMP2 Growth Factor

The growth factor BMP2 is used clinically to help form bone in difficult surgeries such as spinal fusions and fracture non-unions. In these surgeries, BMP2 is effective when used at milligram doses. However, this is roughly a million-fold more BMP2

Cellular Responses to Injury can Further Damage Cartilage

We explore whether the cellular responses to an impact injury can affect cartilage integrity. We identified cell-mediated damage, which is in addition to the mechanical damage caused by the immediate impact of an injury. We used a cartilage explant injury

PostTraumatic Arthritis Chapter/Book

Our chapter on “Closed Joint ACL Disruption Murine Model of PTA” is published in “Post-Traumatic Arthritis: Pathogenesis Diagnosis and Management” edited by Steven Olson and Farshid Guilak. The book provides a comprehensive discussion of the current thinking on post-traumatic arthritis,