Group Photo Late 2013

Dominik Haudenschild PhD, PI

Jasper Yik PhD, Project Scientist 2011-

Michael Fong, BMEGG PhD Candidate

Jason Leddy, 2016-17 Undergraduate Honors Program Thesis

Serena Libert, 2017 Undergraduate Researcher


Previous Members
Rebecca Godin, UC Davis Undergraduate, 2015-16, Applying to Medical School
Jeffrey Lu, Received BMEGG PhD in 2016, Working in Bay Area Industry
Evan Liam, Medical School visiting intern, returned to Ireland to finish medical school
Connor Nathe, Medical School visiting intern, returned to UCLA School of Medicine
Sohni Singh, UC Davis Medical Student, 2016 summer, returned to Medical School at UC Davis
Nestor Campos, UC Davis Undergraduate, 2015-16, currently applying to Medical School
Yasaman Arabi, UC Davis Undergraduate 2013-16,
Akash Shah, UC Davis Undergraduate, 2014-15,
Andrew Haddad, UC Davis Undergraduate, 2014-15, Graduated UC Davis 2016,
Maneesh Vij, Research Associate 2015-16, Graduated from Yale and is pursuing Medical School
Adam Wegner MD PhD, Research Resident in Orthopaedic Surgery 2014-15, returned to finish residency after 1 year research project on Nox4 in PTOA
Michael Robbins, Medical Student 2014-15, Orthopaedic Residency in Oregon
Alireza Tafazzol, BMEGG PhD Student, joined Maury Hull’s lab for PhD Project
Tomoaki Fukui MD PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher 2013-15, returned to Kobe University as an Orthopaedic Surgeon
Maneesh Vij, Yale Undergraduate, returned to Yale to finish BS and apply to medical school
Federico Ferro PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher, returned to Italy with Family
Nina Liu, Undergraduate, Applying to Medical School
Kie Shidara, Undergraduate, Applying to Medical School
Joanna Turkiewicz, Undergraduate – at UC Irvine School of Medicine
Elizabeth Tenborg, Research Assistant – went to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Ethan Z’iang Hu MD PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher – now in Orthopaedic Practice in China
Chitrangada Acharya PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher – took Scientist Position in Biotech
Kazunari Ishida MD PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher – now in Orthopaedic Practice in Kobe, Japan
Eunmee Hong PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher – took post-doctoral position in lab of A. Hari Reddi
Ashleen Kishore, Research Assistant – scribe, applying to Post-Bac pre-med program
Victoria Van Dihn, Research Assistant – position in Biotech
Kaylene Snow, Research Assistant – Applying to medical school